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Adidas Skywalker

Adidas Skywalker, originally uploaded by markhassize11feet.

I don’t care that they’re the equivalent of Barbie trainers for adults. I got a pair of adidas skywalkers and the force is strong in them…

Ant & Dec’s Push the Button online game

Here’s a game I produced for the launch of Ant & Dec’s Push The Button on ITV1 in February 2010.
The game was developed to tease what was coming up in the brand new show via a whole host of simple to play mini-games. The game was also designed to bring Ant & Dec closer to their audience, but using Facebook Connect in certain mini games. These mini games required you to spot your Facebook friends in a crowd and others asked you organise your friends by age/sex etc…

Working closely with the boys’ people and their production team, it was decided it would best to create animated versions of Ant & Dec that would host the game and encourage and entertain players of the game.

The game was also’s first use of Facebook Connect on site…

The illustrations and animation of the boys was done by the brilliant Ben Mounsey, check out the rest of his work on

Design and build of the game was done by Ralph

Also below follow the link to play the game, you can see how the game compared to my original sketches and the final designs…

Link: Ant & Dec’s Push the Button online game
Rough storyboard-ish...Ant & Dec's Push the Button