Red or Black? Playalong

In 2011, I produced the playalong game for ITV’s Red or Black? For 7 nights Ant and Dec invited 1000 people to make one simple decision – Red or Black? Over the course of ten spectacular rounds these 1000 people would be whittled down to one, who would then get the chance to spin for £1m live on telly…

Accompanying the show was an interactive playalong game, (designed and built by  the chaps at Monterosa) that gave the audience at home the opportunity to make the same EXACT decisions as those in the show. Decisions such as picking Red or Black, blind picking a rubber duck or to even crack open a fortune cookie…

Unlike the players in the show the playalong players had lifelines, where they could flip their wrong answers and protect their winning streaks. They also couldn’t win £1million, they were just playing for honour and bragging rights amongst their social friends…

They earned these FLIPS by sharing their scores and inviting friends to playalong on Twitter and Facebook.

Direct to the presenters, and within seconds, simple stats were fed into the show. Real time info such as amount of players who predicted correctly, to the colour that the playalong audience in a contestants home town had chosen as they spanned for £1m…

Link: Red or Black? on

Red or Black?
Red or Black?
Red or Black?

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