Ant & Dec’s Push the Button online game

Here’s a game I produced for the launch of Ant & Dec’s Push The Button on ITV1 in February 2010.
The game was developed to tease what was coming up in the brand new show via a whole host of simple to play mini-games. The game was also designed to bring Ant & Dec closer to their audience, but using Facebook Connect in certain mini games. These mini games required you to spot your Facebook friends in a crowd and others asked you organise your friends by age/sex etc…

Working closely with the boys’ people and their production team, it was decided it would best to create animated versions of Ant & Dec that would host the game and encourage and entertain players of the game.

The game was also’s first use of Facebook Connect on site…

The illustrations and animation of the boys was done by the brilliant Ben Mounsey, check out the rest of his work on

Design and build of the game was done by Ralph

Also below follow the link to play the game, you can see how the game compared to my original sketches and the final designs…

Link: Ant & Dec’s Push the Button online game
Rough storyboard-ish...Ant & Dec's Push the Button

Star Wars x Adidas Promo

They’re the equivalent of the Barbie trainers you used to get in Woolies, but I really want a couple of pairs…

New shoes!

Adidas Superstar 80s, originally uploaded by markhassize11feet.

When I first did a website I put up loads of pictures of trainers that I’d bought. In those days I bought all sorts, so it was a touch interesting. Nowadays chances are all I ever buy are Adidas Superstars – in a white variant (much to the annoyance of my girlfriend), guess that’s what happens when you grow up a bit… Anyways I bought these the other day in a sale, love them and took these pictures whilst I was waiting for the scotchguard to dry! Nice 80s shape Adidas Superstar, not chunky, just right… Anyways I guess this post is a throwback to a simpler time of html, frontpage, lycos hosting…

Adidas Superstar 80sAdidas Superstar 80sAdidas Superstar 80s

Wish you were her?

Facebook photo upload app made with Do Tank Studios to help promote series three of Benidorm on ITV1 in September 2009. Users can Madge-ify their favourite Facebook photos and give themselves (and their friends) a Madge-like orangey wrinkly tan. Not only can you pose with Madge, but also all your other favourite Benidorm characters. A big help in giving yourself a tan in these credit crunching non-holiday taking times… Also my first project for

Link: Madge-ify Yourself

Nananananananananananana BATMAN!

Finished Batman: Arkham Asylum last night. Have ruddy loved it, especially all the Scarecrow trippy wacked out levels (Little Bruce and his dead parents…) and the stealthy sneaky bits. Thought the last two bosses were a bit of a let down though, almost like they ran out of time… Got the Scarecrow ending, but apparently it’s a bit random whether you get Bane or Killer crock…

Beatles – Raaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnn!

Not really sure how much I’m loving The Beatles remasters. I liked them with the analogue hiss. All about the Loudness Wars!
Hope someone gets me Beatles: Rock Band though…

Freddie bowls to North

Fred bowls to North, originally uploaded by markhassize11feet.

Went to the final day of the 2nd test at Lords. With eight Aussies, it was magic to say the least… They weren’t very happy…

The Plank

After a random conversation on Friday, I spent a small chunk of the weekend watching The Plank, with Eric Sykes and Tommy Cooper. You can see it here on YouTube:

I love the titles, love the story and love all the cameos… Thought it was this version I remember watching with my granddad, but Eric Sykes remade it in 1979 (with Arthur Lowe) , he also remade Rhubarb in 1979 too, that will be the next one to dig out…

Nickelodeon Presents Ross Lee’s Ghoulies Microsite

Nickelodeon Presents Ross Lee’s Ghoulies was a Saturday morning show on Nick that ran for 12 weeks  in the Autumn 2008.

Users got to enter Filthy Manor and experience all of what the Ghouliverse and the many faces of Ross Lee had to offer.

The site was devised in a way to get kids interested in the show ahead of transmission, and maintain interest through it’s TX. Throughout the 12 week run more games and activities were unlocked, with more audience submissions and more videos direct from the show included. Content sent into the site, then featured in later shows…

All the video used on the site was shot hi-def on a green screen (a bit like Star Wars, but cheaper).  At the time of the shoot Filthy Manor didn’t physically exist, so that footage was dropped into flash along with renditions of the set from the show’s production company, Running Bare Pictures.

Below are some shots from the shoot, before my pals at Ralph did their flash magic…

Spying on a ghoulish green screen... Ghoulies green screen...

SpongeBob Krab-O-Matic 3000 Game

How many patties can you flip? SpongeBob has got some help in the Krusty Krab Kitchen, can you help him manage the orders AND keep Plankton’s mitts off the Krabby Patties? First flash game that I produced with Games and Web from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Appeared on in August 2007.

Link: SpongeBob SquarePants Krab-O-Matic 3000