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The Florossoneri

The Florossoneri

Florossoneri 2011

The Florossoneri, the team I play for, 2009/10 Hackney And Leyton Football League Division Four champs.

Only took five years or so to get a proper team photo…


Florist Arms Football Club Badge

FAFC, originally uploaded by markhassize11feet.

I run a football team that plays in Hackney & Leyton Football League. We’re a pub team, and we’re not a bad football team… Anyways I had a play about in my notepad at designing a badge for the team… Our nickname is The Florossoneri (we play in black and red like Milan and we play out of The Florist Arms pub), so it’s very heavily influenced from a couple of Italian teams badges… It started off as a bit of a project to teach myself Illustrator, but then with a little help from a couple of pals I turned it into a proper badge… Essentially I’m a bit of a big kid… Just without a Maths book to doodle in the back of now…

Turkiye! Turkiye! Turkiye!

Nihat scored two goals in the last three minutes against Czech Republic! Green Lanes went mental! Was an ace atmosphere… They went on to 3am in the morning! Quality! Thanks Nihat…