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Nickelodeon Presents Ross Lee’s Ghoulies Microsite

Nickelodeon Presents Ross Lee’s Ghoulies was a Saturday morning show on Nick that ran for 12 weeks  in the Autumn 2008.

Users got to enter Filthy Manor and experience all of what the Ghouliverse and the many faces of Ross Lee had to offer.

The site was devised in a way to get kids interested in the show ahead of transmission, and maintain interest through it’s TX. Throughout the 12 week run more games and activities were unlocked, with more audience submissions and more videos direct from the show included. Content sent into the site, then featured in later shows…

All the video used on the site was shot hi-def on a green screen (a bit like Star Wars, but cheaper).  At the time of the shoot Filthy Manor didn’t physically exist, so that footage was dropped into flash along with renditions of the set from the show’s production company, Running Bare Pictures.

Below are some shots from the shoot, before my pals at Ralph did their flash magic…

Spying on a ghoulish green screen... Ghoulies green screen...

SpongeBob Krab-O-Matic 3000 Game

How many patties can you flip? SpongeBob has got some help in the Krusty Krab Kitchen, can you help him manage the orders AND keep Plankton’s mitts off the Krabby Patties? First flash game that I produced with Games and Web from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Appeared on Nick.co.uk in August 2007.

Link: SpongeBob SquarePants Krab-O-Matic 3000

That Purple and Brown Game

Flash game for the Nickelodeon short, Aardman made, BAFTA winning lumps of plasticine, Purple and Brown. I produced this with Games And Web from Buenos Aires, Argentina. First appeared on Nick.co.uk in December 2007 and has also gone on to be featured as a Game of The Week on Nick.com.

Link: That Purple and Brown Game

Nick’s Big Green Thing

Microsite I produced with Preloaded, to support Nickelodeon’s Big Green Thing initiative in February 2008. It enabled kids to find out how they can help save the planet. Kids could pledge to do little every day things to make big differences. So far nearly 10,00o kids have pledged to either turn their TV off standby, tighten dripping taps or walk to school. Saving nearly enough electricity to light 31 football matches or enough water to fill 223 Olympic sized swimming pools.

Link: Nick’s Big Green Thing

SpongeBob’s home in the UK



To help celebrate “The Year Of The Sponge”, it’s SpongeBob’s home in the UK. The official site for all UK SpongeBob activity launched in January 2009. A dedicated microsite that acts as hub for all the existing games and video. Since launch the site has accounted for a very high % of all Nick UK’s traffic…

Link: http://www.nick.co.uk/spongebob