About Me

Some info about me:
– I’m not that Mark Owen…
– At the moment I’m looking after games and stuff for CBBC in Salford. Having previously produced games and second screen bits for ITV, before that I was at Nickelodeon.
– Over 13 years writing, creating and producing content for the web.
– Working with stars such as SpongeBob, Ant & Dec, Corrie, Dora and more…
– Most importantly I’m also known as Dad…

Some of my favourite games:
– Donkey Kong 2 Nintendo Game and Watch. It all began here, Christmas 1983…
– Mario Kart DS. The most perfect/precise multiplayer game ever. Deceptive.
– Sonic 2. He got quicker, never thought that possible after Sonic.
– Gunstar Heroes. Best combo weapons.
– Portal. Made me scratch my head and think like no other game in ages.
– GTA: Vice City. I’m sucker for a good soundtrack.

I’m also the player/chairman of the 2010 Hackney & Leyton Football League Division Four Champions Florist Arms FC (also known as The Florossoneri).

You can find me also here:

My Twitter Feed

My Flickr Photostream

My Xbox Avatar - SparklesUK

My Xbox Avatar – SparklesUK

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